Hello Ladies!!!!!!

Today Oct 12, 2099, I embark on an incredible journey of trying to help one women at a time and wising to reach many more by way of my new blog Dear Atia.

I make friends everywhere I go and there is always one thing in common with people I encounter…”Atia what do you think”?   People are always asking for my opinion and my insight to life’s challenges.  I have always though of myself as an old soul, I have always seemed to have great insight to things way beyond my years.  Growing up my older brother Pier hated that I was always right and would always say “is what you telling me a fact or are you making it up” and to be honest most of the time I was making it up and it end up being a fact.  It was deductive logic that I used and it always seemed to give me the right answer.

So today with much more experience and a wealth of knowledge passed on to me by great thinkers and teachers of life I am fully equipped with the tools to help women of all ages, cultures, and social economical backgrounds empower themselves to be STRONG SUCCESSFUL WOMEN that are in control of their lives.

I promise to teach you everything I know and help you get get closer to your dreams.  I know I don’t have all the answers that is for sure, but I’m resourceful and will not let a women in need on her own.  I would also like for you to feel comfortable to share your thoughts and your ideas by posting a comment, sending a Dear Atia letter, submitting a discussion question, submitting finds, or just simply telling me I goofed.  If I can help one women by myself at one time, imagine how many women we can help if we work together.

This blog is ment more for you then for me…I’m just the channel for you to have a voice.

Love, Atia


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