Hello gorgeous my name is Atia vonDiesel and I like to think of myself as a citizen of the world.  I have lived throughout the world and have  traveled to many more places some totally awesome and some eye-opening and enlightening.  I have experienced hate and love, hunger and the most lavished of banquets, lived in poverty and reached up to riches, I have stared at death in the face and I have seen the birth of a child.  It is due to my life experiences some good and some not so good that I want to help empower women to reach their full potential and live out their dreams.  Don’t live a single day with regret of what could have been or spend your life waiting for that perfect day to show the world how beautiful and wonderful you truly are.

With the words of an Indian Poet I welcome you to my blog and hope to see you here many many more times.

Spring has passed.

Summer has gone and,

Winter is here.

And the song that I meant to sing remains unsung.

For I have spent my days stringing and unstringing my instrument.

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