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Why you need to know how to change a tire.

Hello again Bellas, so I’m going to tell you a little story of an incident that happen to my sister Julia and I about 10 years ago.  My sister had gotten her first car and she was as excited as a clown on the opening night of the circus.  She drove that little white Toyota MR-2 like it was going to go out of style and one day just a week after she got it we pulled into a gas-station and she miscalculated the hight of the curve and the distance between her front tire and the curve and ***POW*** she fit it so hard the tire popped.  Now let me tell you something about Julia she is a green eye blond with a set of perky ladies that will stop traffic especially 10 years ago.  So why do I tell you this about Julia, well because not a single guy helped out or volunteered to change the tire form the men pumping gas.  The attendant was the only employee and could not leave his post for too long so we got stuck to change our own tire and it would have been much easier if we would have known how, the attendant was kind enough to give us some guidance along the way in the few moments he could escape form the cash register.  First the nuts where so freaking hard that it took both of us to jump up and down on the stick thingy (I bet the stupid guys enjoyed this part) to loosen them up and then we had no clue on how to use that little lifter thing and then we…we…well you can just imaging our pain.  But one thing is for sure the sense of accomplishment that we both got to have done it on our own was the best reward ever, in addition to the bragging rights of course.  I think that is when I started my personal quest for independence and creating my own destiny. It was such an empowering feeling that I knew I could fly, I knew I could do anything after that point on and that is the same feeling I want all of my beautiful and incredible readers to have. We can do anything!!!

Much the same as the two women in a video that I found, changing a tire during a trip on Thanksgiving  in a similar situation only there was no gas-station and it seems they knew what they where doing.  But I though I would share it with you to illustrate that it happens more often then you think and see the importance to watching the Change Your Own Tire 101 Class video.

Much love,

Thanksgiving Fun from chelseamarie on Vimeo.