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Women Are the Most Awesome of Gods Creatures.

I am no feminist by no means I just really believe that women are the most awesome of gods creatures and we have let the opposite sex control our lives for way to long. It is man like Karl Lagerfeld that objectify women and makes us feel ugly and unworthy of love because we don’t look like the stick figures on the cover of magazines and on the catwalks of Milan and Pairs. Karl Lagerfeld the German designer was quoted this week for saying ‘No one wants to see curvy women’. So of course I am outraged and man like him should be grouped in the same category as Charles Manson and why not even Hitler…just pain murders. Murders of the body and the soul.

All women are beautiful and everyone wants to see us in all of our splendid glory. Granted he was talking about women on the catwalk, but even those rail thin models are torture by making them believe they are fat at 120 lbs and a hight of 5’10” is ridiculous and completely unhealthy. Filippa Hamilton, a 23 year old model for Ralph Lauren was quoted to say that she got let go six months ago because Ralph Lauren as dissatisfied with her body.

I applaud Spain for being the first country back in 2006 to set limits and not allowing any model with a BMI below 18 to walk the catwalks of Spain. The World Health Organization defines a BMI (Body Mass Index – a weight-to-height ratio) below 18.5 as “underweight”.

Here is a copy of the article for you to read. Oh, and look out for my comment as well there was no way I could not say something. Let me know what your thoughts are as well I want to know what all women have to say.

‘No one wants to see curvy women’: German designer

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